Our philosophy :

When Young & Happy opened its doors over 20 years ago we were the first independent youth hostel in Paris.

Since then we've been lucky enough to welcome hundreds of thousands travelers from every nook and cranny of the world and introduce them to Paris and the Latin Quarter.
We are located on the historic rue Mouffetard
which has been a main thoroughfare for centuries. During Roman times rue Mouffetard was the road leading to Rome, there is actually a Roman area just in our neighborhood. During medieval times when the Latin Quarter became the home of Paris's universities rue Mouffetard acquired the old town atmosphere that is still alive and well today.
We like to say that our area is the perfect mix of tourists, locals and students which results in an area that has good restaurants that can't rip people off because the French wouldn't go for it, a lot of people from all over the world to meet and cheap pubs because the students need places to go. Probably, well at least we think, we have the best location in Paris.

A warm welcome by our bilingual staff, attractive prices, a young and vibrant atmosphere, bar and kitchen all make Young & Happy the ideal location to meet and make friends.

It's not for nothing that Let's Go Europe 2007 (the best selling travel guide in the world) strongly recommends us, calling our hostel "A backpacker's home away from home. The lively atmosphere, clean rooms and relaxed staff make for an enjoyable stay." And that's just one guide – we're also recommended in Le Guide du Routard, Lonely Planet, Cheap Sleep, and Time Out...