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What to do in Paris?

Ask us for all the info on what you should do in Paris The hotel … in partnership with Paris City Vision takes you by the hand during your stay in the city. We offer you activities, entertainment, and special offers for visiting Paris and to have the best possible experience.

Paris is certainly a city with one the richest histories. So the real question for any self respecting tourist: where to start?

The response to this question "what to do in Paris" is always hard because the time available will never be enough, so the real question for any self respecting tourist visiting Paris is more often: when can I come back?

In our hotel, Dans notre hôtel, we make every effort to ensure that you avoid the museum queues, or during your visit to Disneyland. At reception you can find et reserve tickets for the characteristic river cruises, and other several tours for visiting Paris in all its glory.

Above all we recommend the historic tour of Paris, the heart of Paris: the latin quarter, le Marais, Ille-de-la-cité, Ile-Saint-Louis and Berthillon.
Chosing the right activities
After this initial inspiration, you must see Paris from above by taking in the fresh air at the top of the Eiffel Tower or the Tour Montparnasse. In case it rains, visit the Louvre and its Mona Lisa. To get the most out of your visit be sure to get an audio-guide!

You will understand: in Paris it's the spirit that counts, and physical fitness that will allow you to string together a maximum number of activities in a good morning at to end the day at the Lido and then to the Palace.
Anyway, there is no shortage of things to do in Paris!